You used to be fluent, and now you cannot find the words
Be tense
It’s time to open the box again ℠
Buy milk
Metastasize your hApPiNeSs
Memorize the "oxygen"
Go away
Manifest a new (whatever material possession)
Reset your lymphatic system
It’s time to open the box
Open the box
Reset your nervous system
Take a break from the declarative
Little more than arrogance cloaked as humility
A machine works with maximum efficiency just before it breaks
Reset your digestive system
Reset your hair
The foreign is the familiar
Birth school work death
Existence is suicide
If the decision comes to two brands, the one with the story wins
Come on now
Release transform obliterate
Tell me about it
Reset your granular system
Just relax ℠
Watch 9 hours of YouTube lol
Reset your limbic system
Get a haircut